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//  Origin: St.Catharines, ON, CA
//  Genres:  Pop, R&B, Rock
//  Years Active:  2015- Present
//  Label: Independent
//  Website:
Short Bio

Robert is a dynamic, singer, songwriter, performer, from St. Catharines, Ontario, who’s original music tied with his energetic on-stage presence captivates his audiences young and old.



Robert Alfieri’s performance on stage is dynamic and playful. With his quick wittedness and ease on stage he wow’s his audiences with his vocal pipe’s and entices his audiences to participate in his music performances. People leave his performances often sayinig: “why aren’t you on the radio and touring man?” Robert is sure to please an audience with his music on small and large festival stages.

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    Open for bookings
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Set List


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Management: Rebecca Keltos |

Booking: Joshua Wilkinson |

PR: Sheri Hawkins |