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Robert Alfieri and friends bring their porch music to the docks Saturday
2020 InterContinental Music Awards
Best In North America (Pop/R&B Category)  
Go/Be Weekly Spotlight on Niagara - with Robert Alfieri
IndoorShoes Music - Warehouse Concert Hall

"Robert is a talented young performer who brings a passion to his songwriting and live show that exceeds his years. As a venue owner and promoter, I've been thrilled to have him share the stage with some notable Canadian acts including Virginia to Vegas and Ryland James. I look forward to seeing him develop as an artist in the coming years."

Sheri Hawkins - Mainly Niagara

I have to do a post about this cool li’l dude, Robert Alfieri. I’ve had the privilege of hearing him sing live twice over the last three days. I met him about a year ago and I’ve always been impressed by his quiet confidence, his witty sense of humour and his easy demeanour, but as I’ve gotten to know him better, I’ve developed a whole new level of appreciation for the thing that should’ve perhaps been the most obvious — his talent.

Robert arrived late to the Lunn Variety Show gig at the Vegan Hippie Chic tonight, not through any fault of his own, he got lost and had to backtrack home. First of all, this kid is effing cool. I don’t know too many 18-year olds who can stride in an hour & a half late to an event with perfectly coifed hair and a suit jacket and sit down comfortably as if they’ve been there all along, but he can. He has a mega-watt smile and an chill vibe that immediately puts you at ease. He’s this wonderful combination of relaxed and unassuming, but he also strikes me as pretty self-aware with an ego he’ll probably have to work at to keep in check. This is a kid who was raised right and understands the importance of staying grounded, but he absolutely knows he’s got something. And he’s not afraid to get up on stage and play to those strengths.

For most of the performers ahead of him, it was a pretty tough crowd. The place was packed, a lot of people talking and not a lot of people listening, with exception to Robert Repovs who got full engagement from the crowd with a great rendition of “Sweet Caroline”. It was a loud bunch, and Rob R. was the crowd favourite and a tough act to follow.

Robert got up there, completely unfazed and interacted with the crowd, making witty quips that instantly got everyone engaged. He started off with a ballad, which I thought was a brave choice after “Sweet Caroline”, but when he started to sing, the entire energy of the room changed. What had been a loud cacophony of clanging dishes and loud voices had lowered to a barely audible murmur. Even when he paused between notes, there were moments of complete silence. We were all waiting for him to sing the next note, myself included.

He performed his original song, “Can We Just Dance”, and I felt proud that I knew most of the words. It’s a great song. This is a video of his Bruno Mars cover that was his third encore, and he got the crowd to sing along.

Seriously, follow this kid, Rob Alfieri on Facebook and Insta. He is a genuine joy to listen to and he’s just as fun to talk to. I’m happy that he’s aligned himself professionally with people I know and trust. He’s got an extremely bright future and I’m excited to see where life will take him.

You’re cool as sh*t Robert, enjoy the ride, wherever it takes you.

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