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Robert Alfieri is a singer, songwriter and charismatic performer from the Niagara Region and has been playing and composing songs since he was 8 years old.  His love for music comes through in his heartfelt lyrics, energetic on-stage presence and mega-watt smile.

Robert’s authenticity, quiet confidence and witty sense of humour are portrayed in his original music. Catchy, optimistic and well written, Robert’s song lyrics focus on themes such as love, loss, growing up and a variety of life experiences. His crooner-style ballads are perfectly matched with his easy demeanor, and his upbeat songs are comprised of breezy melodies that are reminiscent of warm summer days.

He is at his best when he is performing live. Robert has an old soul and an easy chemistry with his audience, which shows as he captivates and engages his listeners, all while his performances seem effortless.

Robert recorded his first single titled “One Step at a Time” which was written along side his piano teacher Jennifer Walter and produced by Jordan Setacci when he was just 11 years old. Since that time, Robert has recorded several original songs, created multiple music videos, and can be seen performing live at local venues, festivals and events across the Niagara Region and throughout Ontario.

Robert’s reputation as a singer and performer is building momentum.  His fan base is growing quickly and his is gaining the respect of his peers and critics alike. His original music can be found on all music outlets and on his social media platforms.

Robert's Influences

Robert is influenced by a variety of music genres, but his preferences are pop and R&B. Robert has also learned dance (hip hop, tap, ballet and jazz). “I feel that stage presence is an important aspect for my career and dance will help me in the long run.”, says Robert.

Robert Alfieri

Growing Up
with Music

Music has been in both Robert's mom and dad’s families for generations, however he is the first one to pursue a career in music. When Robert was younger, he remembers one of the first bands his parents and friends introduced him to was Led Zeppelin oddly enough.

But that's not the only way Robert's family has helped him find his sound. He has fond memories of Alfieri family reunions where they would set up a stage in the backyard and everyone would gather around and play music – from the fiddle to the accordion, and people would perform while others danced. It was at these reunions, where Robert first experienced the feeling of performing on stage for an audience. Ever since it is his goal to do that for the rest of his life.

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Finding His

At 9 years old Robert quit playing the sports his parents enrolled him in, and started playing guitar. For a long time he thought he would be a rock artist, like the band Led Zeppelin. As time progressed he started to find a different sound. By experimenting with different types of music he and his family started to realize that he had more of a sultry smooth voice, like Frank Sinatra or Michael Buble. It was after this realization that he started taking his voice and song writing more seriously.

Today Robert focuses on developing his voice as he pushes himself to improve and push his own boundaries by experimenting with different sounds and ideas both with voice and instrumental. Robert admits that his greatest realization as of late is that music is such a powerful way to express emotion and the best way to connect and convey his true emotion with others. He looks forward to the world hearing his music as he expands to progressively larger stages.


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